Daniella Monet
Daniella Monet
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Born: March 1, 1989
Occupation: Actress, singer

Daniella Monet Zuvic is one of Elizabeth Gillies's friends. They both starred in the TV show Victorious as Jade West and Trina Vega, respectively.


  • Both of them were at the Fred premiere to support Jennette McCurdy.
  • In the beginning of the I Want You Back music video, they were both posing for a picture, and acting silly while doing it.
  • They are both vegans and tweet each other about vegan food.
  • They both are afraid of wasps; so when they were in Daniella's car about to meet David Archuleta and one flew into the front seat, Liz started screaming, cussing like a sailor and flailing (trying to "save" Daniella from it), causing Daniella to hit the gas and scare David out of his wits. You can watch a video where they tell the story to Dan here.
  • They often tweet each other about different vegan foods.
  • In an interview with Bop and Tiger Beat on what they are thankful for, Daniella said "Liz Gillies has the most insane humor. It is so excellent, I am so thankful for her humor. So I'll come up to her and, you know, whether I'm exhausted or it's like, you know, early in the morning, she never fails with the whole laughs. I mean, she gets me going every time I see her!"
  • During an interview at the KCAs, the girls were asked what designer they were wearing and when Daniella said she didn't know, Liz walked behind her to check the tag on her dress and put her hands on her shoulders afterwards.
  • They tweet each other a lot.
  • In one of BOP & Tiger Beat videos, Daniella called Elizabeth to come over and do a new dance move together. (Apparently, they have done this before).
  • In a interview with Bop and Tiger Beat, Elizabeth and Daniella did a dance move that involves mostly their arms which is called swirling and they both seem like they were having fun.
  • Daniella and Liz were constantly tweeting each other about having lunch together.


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