The Elizabeth Gillies Wiki chat policies are expected to be followed. Not reading them is not an excuse for breaking them.

Chat policy

By joining chat, you agree not to:

  • Spam the chat/advertise products/repeat multiple words
  • Use bad language with other users
  • Link to explict pages
  • Argue/join sides/call names
  • Impersonate another person
  • Cause drama/arguments
  • Start inappropriate topicsc

Other policies

Some moderators enforce they're own policies. Here are some.

  • If there is something you think might upset someone, don't do it. Ask an admin or mod first.
  • Spam the chat with emoticons that may make the chat lag.
  • Speak only in English. Foreign languages are not accepted.
  • Please talk in sentences that people can understand. Don't be a lazy typer.


  • A warning will be given before the ban is placed
  • Another warning will be given if continues.
  • A kick will be given if it continues, if you still do it after that, a ban will be placed.
  • Bans are made by the decision of chat mod.
  • A user can ask an admin if they wish to be unbanned, or have any questions about the ban.

Thank you! Happy chatting!

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