The Elizabeth Gillies Wiki policies are expected to be followed. Not reading them is not an excuse for breaking them.

Not recommended behavior

Do not...

  • Make an account if you're under 13 years old.
  • Edit other user pages besides your own without permission.
  • Create new categories without asking an admin first.
  • Post false information.
  • Use profanity. This wiki is visited by young children.
  • Harrass/threaten another user.
  • Ship war. If you don't like a ship, do not criticize it or spam it.
  • Create articles to advertise wikis or products. You can do that in blog posts. Doing it in articles is considered spam.
  • Remove content from pages you dislike.
  • Remove all the content from one page that is not spam/vandalism without leaving an edit summary
  • Badge game, meaning making unconstructive edits just for badges.

Not following these policies can result in a ban or block.


  1. If you break the rules once, you will get a warning.
  2. If you break the rules twice, you will again get a warning.
  3. If you break the rules thrice, you will be blocked.
  • Please remember that if you are underage you will be blocked infinitely without warning.

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