Heather Fox
Heather fox
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Born: 1993
Occupation: Model

Heather Fox (portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies) makes her guest appearance in Big Time Secrets where she plays a model who went to a camp with Carlos and James. During the camp, Carlos had a crush on her and she liked him and told James to give him a note but he does not because he liked her too. This is revealed when Lucy plays a new game with the boys and Camille.

It is revealed at the end of the show that Heather now had a crush on James when she asked Carlos to give him a note.

She is very sweet in this show. She is also known for her current role as Jade West on Victorious where she plays a much more in a villanous role completely opposite from her role in BTR.


Heather Fox is model that Carlos Garcia and James Diamond met in Camp Wonkey Donkey when they were little. Both James and Carlos have a crush on her. One day at Camp she gave James a note to give to Carlos as she was shy to tell him she like him. James, having a crush on her, never gave the note to Carlos and hide as a secret also breaking a friend code.

While playing a game of truth made up by Lucy, James reveals to Carlos that Heather did like him and that she gave him a note for him but he tossed it. This makes Carlos scream, "She was the love of my life!" and attack James. Kendall told James he had to make it right and help Carlos with Heather. James tries to make Heather fall in love with Carlos all over again because she doesn't remember her crush on Carlos. James sent her a letter inviting her to Camp Wonkey Donkey.

At the end of the day, she ask Carlos to walk with her to her car, but just to reveal that she has a crush on James and giving Carlos a note to give to him. Carlos was gonna toss it, but knowing that wasn't right, gave it to James. James tossed away because he said that Carlos' friendship was worth more to him.

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