Leon Thomas III
Leon Thomas III
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Born: August 1, 1993
Occupation: Actor, musician, dancer
Years Active: 2003-present

Leon Thomas III is a friend of Elizabeth Gillies'. They both starred on the Nickelodeon TV show, Victorious.


  • They were seen hanging out together on the red carpet at the The Last Airbender Premiere in New York City.
  • They were seen at a Make-a-Wish charity event hanging out and laughing.
  • They were seen at an Animal Planet event together.
  • In one of Dan's videos Liz and Leon are singing and dancing randomly while Victoria Justice laughs at the two of them.
  • They sometimes do videochats together on U-Streams called "Liz and Leon".
  • They made a video called "Chocolate in my Veins".
  • Liz tweeted that she was watching the Super Bowl with Leon.
  • When Liz was asked on her Formspring to describe her cast mates as colors, she chose apple green for Leon.
  • They were seen together at the Justin Bieber: Never Say Never premiere on the red carpet.
  • In one of Ariana Grande's YouTube videos, Liz's hair gets caught in Leon's zipper and when he walks away he drags her off the couch. However, she and him both laugh and she doesn't seem mad. In the same video, Leon plays the piano and Liz starts to sing before Ariana joins in.
  • In one of Dan Schneider's videos when Matt and Ariana are goofing off and Dan asks what's going on, Liz responds with "Something very wrong." and Leon chimes in with "Yeah, I don't wanna touch...anything."
  • Leon and Liz created a show called "The Lizzy and Leon Show", which can be viewed here.
  • Leon tweeted that Liz drew a portrait of him.
  • Leon and Elizabeth (and Ariana Grande) both presented the award for best British TV show at the Kids Choice Awards.
  • In Matt Bennett's May 2012 video on YouTube, there is a clip of Leon running towards Liz and her trying to lift him up into the air, both laughing and smiling as it occurs.
  • Liz asked all her Twitter followers to download Leon's and Ariana's new song, "Take Care".[1]
  • Liz tweeted that she loved Leon's new song.
  • Liz greeted Leon on his birthday.[2]
  • In the beginning of Matt's June 2012 video, both Liz and Leon are hanging out in her dressing room.
  • Liz and Leon were both on Figure It Out on July 12, 2012 together as the only Victorious cast members.
  • They went to lunch together. [3]



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