Victoria is so adorable. She's a good egg, Victoria, and she's wonderful to work with. I think she has an extremely bright future ahead of her. She's so crazy talented. She's such an amazing singer, amazing actress. I'm sure she'll go very far.

– Liz on Victoria in an interview with Nickelodeon

Victoria Justice
Victoria Justice and Lollipop
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Born: February 19, 1993
Occupation: Actress, singer, dancer, songwriter
Years Active: 2003-present

Victoria Dawn Justice is one of Elizabeth Gillies's friends. She is Liz's costar from Victorious. They are good friends, and do many things together.


  • In one of Dan's behind the scenes videos they reveal that they have the same favorite fruit, which is an apple.
  • They both love hula-hooping and The Beatles.
  • In an interview, Liz said Victoria is incredibly talented and that she is proud of her.
  • Victoria has a nickname for Liz, which is Liz McGiz.
  • When Victoria is asked to describe Liz, she says that Liz is a character and an individual who knows what she likes and what she doesn't like, and that she's not fake, which she says she really likes about her.
  • On Twitter, Liz posted a link to Victoria's video for "Best Friend's Brother" and also said she loved the video.
  • Victoria has said on her Formspring accont that her favorite thing about Liz is her sense of humor.
  • Victoria greeted Liz on her birthday.[1]
  • When Victoria tweeted about a photo shoot she was doing but neglected to say anything more than it was "interesting", Liz tweeted her back saying she wanted to know what it was and Victoria replied, saying it was a secret.
  • Victoria posted a picture of Liz and her in Washington, DC and said it was her favorite picture of them together.
  • They tweet each other often.
  • In a behind-the-scenes video Dan posted on YouTube while the cast was filming the Breakfast Club spoof episode, Liz and Victoria are doing a funny dance and laughing together.
  • In Liz's blooper reel, after she scared Leon Thomas III and Victoria by surprising them while filming Jade Gets Crushed she leans over and hugs her.
  • In an interview with BOP and Tiger Beat about who is the biggest flirt in the cast, Victoria said that Liz is very "sultry" and "flirty."
  • Liz and Victoria shared a microphone in the recording studio, while recording the song "Five Fingaz to the Face".
  • They performed "Take A Hint" together.
  • In Victoria's Make It In America music video, Victoria and Liz text each other while Victoria is in the car.
  • In this video, Victoria and Liz are seen playing basketball with the cast members of iCarly.
  • They are both fans of the movie Mean Girls.
  • Victoria said that she and Liz shopped together in Boston.[2]



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